My Portfolio 

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m a freelance writer, marketer, and editorial director. I write articles, copy, and newsletters for brands, people, and publicaitons. I love and curate music, sometimes concerts. 

I create marketing, launch, and social media strategies. I build online publications from scratch. I listen to and share stories because I believe they propel each other into action. I connect people with one another. I believe in relationships.

I’m working on a print mag exploring the messy and unknown with my friend, Hannah.

Here are some other things I’ve built and worked on: 

A Song A Day, founder

Songs from humans, not robots delivered to 7k inboxes. Founded in 2013. Had 45 curators  sending daily songs at one point. lolz.

A Song A Day Presents, founder

Produced several shows benefiting orgs like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA. Artists included: Alex Cameron, Katie Von Schleicher, Sam Cohen, Scully, RIPS, Cones, Nassau, Cut Worms, Dark Tea, + Ben Seretan.

The Process Podcast, founder

Exploring the challenges of turning your craft into a business. Featuring: Adam Hurly (journalist, podcaster), Jenn Hauser (coffee shop + florist owner), Tiffiny Costello (marketer, musician), Andrew Coate (marketer, musician), Sunny Eckerle (illustrator), Rosie Sunstad (owner, Fringe + Friends PDX), Katie O’Beirne (baker, maker, badass), Mia Braverman (artist, organizer), Sarah Schulweiss (business consultant), Caroline Partamian (musican, artist, dancer, curator), Sarah Judd Welch (founder, Loyal) + more.

Secrets for Scaling Podcast, producer + host

Interviews with founders and CEOs including:
Josh Pigford (Baremetrics), Oli Gardner (Unbounce), Srini Rao (Unmistakable Creative), Timo Rein (Pipedrive), Tyler Barstow (Vinyl Me, Please), Jon Crawford (Storenvy), Peter Reinhardt (Segment), Lawrence Hester (FareHarbor), John O’Nolan (Ghost App), David Cancel (Drift), Mikael Söderlindh (Happy Socks) + more. 

Freelance Writing

Big Cartel: 

Managed by Q:

CloudPeeps:In 2015 and 2016, I was CloudPeeps' content lead, building and managing an editorial-style blog and newsletter from the ground up, growing visits to an average of 10-15k/month and subscribers to over 2,000. Some of the most popular pieces were:



Music writing: 


Want to work together? Shoot me a note at hi[at]shannonleebyrne[dot]com.

I’m also on Instagram and Twitter.  I travel a lot and sometimes climb mountains. I love the ocean. My birthday is the first day of Pisces. I have several silly tattoos. Tacos are my fav. I wish I had a dog. My best friend is a cat that I don’t own. I don’t even like cats. I laugh at my own jokes. ✌