Shannon Lee Byrne       Writer, Strategist + Podcaster

💻 Website, Product + Email Copy

With a knack for simplifying complex topics through a refined approach, I'm often hired to write audience-centric copy for websites, landing pages, emails, product descriptions, in-app notifications, sales collateral—you name it.

Splice product pages, paid ads + email campaigns

Splice offers a sample library and rent-to-own program for digital music software such as synths. Both the products and programs are quite technical. Together, we’ve developed language that's accessible and actionable for any level of music-makers in the form of emails, landing pages, competitions, banner ads, paid social media ads, and blog posts.

Copy that converts for CompCorrect.

I worked with Bridge & Bloom to develop the concepts, information architecture, and copy for CompCorrect's website, sales brochure, and a powerpoint presentation for top leads. Workers' comp is an overly complex industry with a system historically designed to confuse people. We made sure to explain the CompCorrect solution in as clear of terms and imagery as possible. 

Compelling copy for a brain-based coach

Bridge & Bloom designed a new website for Elizabeth Markie that was simple, clear, and refined. I worked with them to develop copy that conveyed the complex work she does with neuroscience and intuitive therapy while communicating the value of her work in less than one minute. 
Copyediting for English language

Paris-based hired me to edit the copy they drafted for their new website for English language and to make general copy recommendations. I edited several pages of copy (homepage and product pages) for consistency, grammer, and clarity with operations managers in mind.