Shannon Lee Byrne       Writer, Strategist + Podcaster

πŸš€ Be Aveda Institutes Brand Positioning

Worked with the design + branding studio, Bridge & Bloom to develop a brand guide for a new branch of Aveda Institutes in the Tampa Bay area. We worked collaboratively with the client to develop the concepts while I lead on all copy.

Brand story, mission + vision

This guide is used to onboard new instructors and staff members across Be Aveda Institutes. Its goal is to communicate a cohesive identity that aligns key stakeholders. Creating buy-in with a powerful story, mission, and vision was crucial. Included as a part of this effort was also a brand manifesto and personality profile.
The Aveda Difference

Be Aveda is a branch of nation-wide Aveda schools. It was important to create a sense of pride among stakeholders in the Aveda name, which has a reputation for high-quality, sustainable products. We included the Aveda difference along with Be Aveda's core values, beliefs, and communication manifesto.
Voice + Tone

As responsibility for various marketing channels can often change hands, we wanted to ensure a consistent voice and tone for the brand that anyone can pick up and apply. We clearly defined how to speak like the brand with voice and tone guidelines.

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