Production + Editorial Direction

I love storytelling and creating platforms for others to share their stories. Are you looking to give your customers, friends, or anyone who inspires you a platform to share their stories?

I’ll help you make it happen. I'll manage the end-to-end process of developing a print publication, online publication, podcast, radio show, or film/TV production.

Want to work together on your publication or show? Send me what you’re thinking with your rough budget:

Specifically, I’ll help you with:


  • Project direction: setting goals, objectives, vision, and mission.
  • Project brand: voice, tone, messaging, brand guidelines.
  • Launch strategy: a roadmap for building initial interest in your project.


  • Project set up: identifying + setting up the best content format and vehicle/platform (i.e. podcast host, blog platform, landing page software, etc.).
  • Copywriting: working with you to develop all copy for your site and across platforms.

  • Guest and contributor management: conducting all outreach and relationship management for podcast or radio guests, publication writers and contributors, freelance designers, community members, etc. This includes creating guidelines, processes, and systems to best manage the workflow.
  • Podcast distribution:  distributing the show on all the relevant RSS platforms.

Audio examples: 

Secrets for Scaling Podcast, producer + host

Client:  Geckoboard
Results:  24 episodes; avg. of 500 downloads/episode
Interviews with founders and CEOs including:  Josh Pigford (Baremetrics), Oli Gardner (Unbounce), Srini Rao (Unmistakable Creative), Timo Rein (Pipedrive), Tyler Barstow (Vinyl Me, Please), Jon Crawford (Storenvy), Peter Reinhardt (Segment), Lawrence Hester (FareHarbor), John O’Nolan (Ghost App), David Cancel (Drift), Mikael Söderlindh (Happy Socks) + more.

The Process Podcast, founder

Exploring the challenges of turning your craft into a business. Featuring: Adam Hurly (journalist, podcaster), Jenn Hauser (coffee shop + florist owner), Tiffiny Costello (marketer, musician), Andrew Coate (marketer, musician), Sunny Eckerle (illustrator), Rosie Sunstad (owner, Fringe + Friends PDX), Katie O’Beirne (baker, maker, badass), Mia Braverman (artist, organizer), Sarah Schulweis (business consultant), Caroline Partamian (musician, artist, dancer, curator), Sarah Judd Welch (founder, Loyal) + more.

Interested in being a guest on The Process or know someone who’d be a good fit? Or interested in sponsoring an episode for just $1/download? Shoot me a note at

Online publication examples:


In 2014 and 2015, the Mention team and I rebuilt their blog from scratch. As the PR and content manager, I established awareness and thought leadership for the Paris-based company in the US, increasing blog sessions by 115% in six months and growing a newsletter to 1,000+ subscribers. This included creating guidelines around topics, cadence, voice, and tone. Managed external content relationships, contributing to industry-leading publications.


I was CloudPeeps' content lead in 2015 and 2016, building and managing an editorial-style blog and newsletter from the ground up. Myself, the team, and our freelance contributor network grew visits to an average of 10-15k/month and subscribers to over 2,000. 

Looking for something else? You can also hire me for writing, music curation + supervision, editorial direction, or marketing strategy.