Shannon Lee Byrne       Writer, Strategist + Podcaster

Splice Long-Form Music Writing

Editorial, Music, Tech

Well-researched, in-depth articles on a variety of topics related to the business of music.

Articles have generated up to 30,000 clicks each. Topics include: sync licensing, music supervision, building a team, distribution, administration + more.

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Be Aveda Institute Brand Positioning

Positioning, Strategy

Internal brand messaging  guide for a new branch of Aveda Institutes.

In collaboration with Bridge & Bloom, I developed and wrote copy for voice + tone, brand personality, mission + vision, key messaging, style guide + more. 

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More long-form content

Editorial, Music, Tech

Comprehensive articles for Big Cartel, Kickstarter, Trello + more.

Topics covered include: entrepreneurship, artists residencies, collaboration, productivity, team building, design, marketing + more.

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Splice Sounds Explainer Narrative

Editorial, Music, Tech

Worked with the marketing team to develop succinct + clear narrative for a paid ads video.

Explaining what software programs do can get complicated, fast. We worked diligently to show + tell how Splice Sounds can help an artist in 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

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Splice Brand Messaging Guide

Editorial, Music, Tech

A comprehensive guide outlining the brand’s voice, tone, product messaging + more.

This living document housed on is a guide for the entire company describing how we talk about Splice and its products. It also outlines the brand personality, voice + tone  principles, technical guidelines + a tone-by-channel map with explanations and examples for each.

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