Shannon Lee Byrne       Writer, Strategist + Podcaster

πŸ“‚ Additional Long-form Content

I've written for a variety of brands, startups, and publications on entrepreneurship, creativity, design, team management, marketing, productivity, music business + more. Here are some selects.

The Creative Independent (a Kickstarter publication)

A thorough guide to collaboration based on my own experiences.

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The Doe

I began exploring my interest in co-op models by revisiting my first passion project and what I could have done better while also celebrating some successes. This was originally an anonymous contribution that I now have permission to share and republish. 

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Big Cartel

I've shared lessons from running a passion project, what every creative should know about artist residencies, and did a special series based on The Process podcast.

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Managed by Q

I contributed a variety of topics relating to office operations for the Managed by Q blog. Topics included designing a diverse team with Marmoset, creating a happy place for employees with Bark & Co, asking for help as a team of one, swag ideas, budget-friendly team building, event planning, and more.

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I've contributed a few articles to the Trello blog on productivity, management, and goal setting.

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bioMASON makes revolutionary cement, growing it from bacteria. I contribute long-form articles to their blog on topics such as the technology they employ and how the food industry has impacted transparency in the construction industry. 

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