Shannon Lee Byrne       Writer, Strategist + Podcaster


Hi, hello! I'm Shannon. I’m an Austin, TX-based writer, strategist, and artist manager. I take 35mm photos, travel, hike, collect too many books, go to many concerts, and hang out with my dog, Enzo. I’m originally from St. Petersburg, FL and have called Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR home. I also wandered around the country for a few years.

I help brands, entrepreneurs, and artists sincerely connect with their audiences through intentional copy, approachable editorial pieces, and refined brand messaging. I also serve as a producer for media projects such as podcasts, videos, and interactive pieces.

For bigger, more holistic projects I’m fortunate to work with a handful of talented design, development, video, SEO, and social media partners.

I have over 12 years of experience in a variety of marketing and communication roles across a range of industries. Today, I'm most interested in helping people feel more connected to one another and closer to their goals. I’m especially interested in working with folks who are actively respecting the earth, appreciating the arts, and encouraging balance.

I was the host and founder of the podcast, The Process. And I founded now-defunct A Song A Day in 2014, which was a human-powered music curation service sending personalized song suggestions via email daily. We were 45 volunteer curators sending songs to over 7,000 music lovers around the globe.

Many of my clients have been past employers, friends, friends of friends, people I’ve met through side projects, etc. Lasting relationships are very important to me. I hope we get a chance to build something meaningful together!


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