Music Curation + Supervision 

Are you working on a rad documentary/film/TV show and can’t quite find the right soundtrack? Or maybe you simply don’t have time to navigate the copyright system. I can help you out! Curating music to accompany a mood, emotion, or story is my specialty. 

Or perhaps you want to create weekly playlists for your customers, coworkers, events, or friends? I can help you there too. 

Do you have a brick + mortar shop, cafe, or restaurant that needs some tunes? Guess what...I’ve got your back. 

Are you feeling sassy and looking to produce a concert for a special cause or occasion? I’ll work with you on producing a stellar lineup and deal with the logistics of booking for you. 

To learn how we can work together, send me a note with what you have in mind and what your budget is: 

Here’s what I’ve done in the music space:

A Song A Day 

Founded in 2014. Built and managed a collective of 45 curators sending hand-picked songs to 7,000 inboxes across the globe daily. Launched and managed a Kickstarter campaign with $14.2k pledged by 371 people. Raised $7k on Indiegogo. Developed collaborations and partnerships with brands, record labels, and festivals.

When A Song A Day first launched, I curated across genres - from folk to oldies to death metal to EDM and beyond. That clearly wasn’t sustainable, so I brought on a team of curators. A group of volunteers - and then later software engineers - built a variety of onboarding and tagging systems to send people music from emerging, forgotten, and occasionally mainstream artists based on their preferences. 

A Song A Day Presents

Produced successful shows, managing the entire process end-to-end in New York City and LA. Raised $1,200 for Planned Parenthood, $1,000 for ACLU, and $300 for Arts for LA. Bands have included: Alex Cameron, Sam Cohen, Katie Von Schleicher, Cut Worms, RIPS, Dark Tea, Cones, Scully, Ben Seretan, and Nassau. Collaborating venues have included Baby’s Alll Right and Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY and The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA. See photos here.

Looking for something else? You can also hire me for writing, podcast production, editorial direction, or marketing strategy.