Marketing + Brand Strategies 

Have a business that’s ready to launch but no idea where to find your customers beyond friends and family? I’ll work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy (with actionable tactics) that feels authentic to you and your customers.

Have you been on the marketing train for a while but feel like it’s stalled? I’ll do a fine tune-up. I’ll dive into your analytics and conduct customer research to determine what content and distribution strategies will best reach and engage your audience.

I specialize in startups, small businesses, and nonprofits, but I’m up for working with anyone who aligns with my values. I especially enjoy working with people and brands focused on: small business assistance, handmade and small-batch goods, holistic wellness, mental health, food + beverage, economic development, sustainability, travel, and music.

Services include: 

  • Customer research campaigns
  • Content audits (how your content is
    performing and where it needs help)
  • Digital marketing strategies 
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • Content strategies + structure changes
  • Copywriting + editorial direction

Case studies 
Coming soon, I’m working on them! :) 
Recent past clients have included: 

Looking for something else? You can also hire me for writingmusic curation and supervision, podcast production, or editorial direction.